Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monthy Journal - September

Copic markers, airbrush, Santoro Mirabell "Adrift" acrylic stamp, correspondence card, patterned card stock, paper flower, stencils, super brush (yellow), Textures rubber stamp set Words of wonder set 2 from Crafter's companion. For Janice.


  1. Hello! I'm DuhBe from the swap-bot blog hop.
    That stamp is so adorable! I had to go look up Santoro Mirabelle because I've never heard of them before. It's really cute the way you colored this card with that super cute stamp.

  2. I LOVE this stamp. I'm going to google it because I think I need some of my own. Mine never come out looking as smooth as yours, though. It looks so good colored in and all. The background really brings it all together. Wonderful!
    mermaidery @ swapbot blog hop sept.


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