Saturday, June 7, 2014

Work in progress

This is a big eyed doll I drawn one or two years ago. I bought Copic marker pad and wanted to try it. Never coloured the drawings, though. Yesterday I made an attempt; it was late and I made mistakes here and there. My pink marker (RV21) is probably empty; you can see stripes, which is a sign that I have to refill the marker.

The Copic marker pad is quite large, which was my choice when purchased. It is a A3 size Copic marker pad and the information on the pad says: DIN A3, 50 sheets, 70 g/m2 and Bleedproof. About the Bleedproof .. I guess it really is Bleedproof. You can see the colours on the back of the paper, but the ink of the marker does not go through the paper. I hope I explained it right. I like the marker pad.

The Copic marker pad is not for card making. It is not card stock. The paper seems thinner than printer paper and that is not a bad thing. I am just comparing the thickness of printer paper to the Copic marker paper. You could use the Copic marker paper for a painting you would like to cut out and add on your art journal. I tried to cut and paste it on an art journal page, but the paper is so thin, that you it easily bubbles. So be careful!

Or you could do like me ..... my idea is to bind a book with all my creations made in the Copic marker pad and sketchook.

I really like the Copic marker paper, because it does not bleed through and I like how the ink of the Copic marker 'sits' or lays on the paper. I hope I said that right ... thumbs up ;-))

She is unfinished, yet I like to share. I like how the had and the shawl (V20, 22, 25) is coloured. I love her cheeks (E000, 00, 21 and R20)! For her hat I used the greys C1, 3 and 5. I used the 84 and E89 for her eyes ... love her eyes! Hair 100, lips RV 55. I will post an update, when she is finished ;-) Enjoy♥

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