Monday, May 26, 2014

Card Beginning with "B"

This swap is a continuing swap using the alphabet. So we make one card for one partner. The card will start with the letter B. The card should be no smaller than 3 x 3 inches and we should include an envelope for the card. We have to use one of the following embellishment on the card: ribbon or brads (paper or metal).

We can choose the following themes:
Butterfly, bears, bees, balloons, bottles, backgammon, birds, banana, bluffs, blue water, boat, barber, and so on............ I choose to make a bird card using the Cindy Loo cartridge.

My partner likes the colour red, so I made sure I used red on the card. I forgot to add the last requirement mentioned in the swap description, which is the embellishment. I will add a brad to the card.

The back of the greeting card.

The matching handmade envelope for this card.

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