Saturday, September 14, 2013

Earring swap

I had to make two earrings and send to my partner in the USA. I read her profile to read what she likes and which colours she prefers. She likes goofy dangling earrings. Out of herself she sent me a pm telling me that she is not picky, but she prefers silver opposed to gold. She likes dangly earrings as long as they are not too big. And since I send from The Netherlands she would like to remember that the earrings come from The Netherlands, so she would like the earrings with the colours of the Netherlands flag or something like it.

Well, I never had a request like that before. But I replied that I would see what I have in my stock. I knew I didn't have any blue beads in my stock. So I just created her a beautiful pair of earrings, dangling, but with black beads. The second pair I sent, is a pair of earrings I made a while ago. I also sent her two extra pairs of earrings. She can wear these earrings at any time, because of the colour and there trendy too! I hope she'll like them!

What do you think of these earrings?

                        The second pair                                   Extra pair of earrings

                                                       Extra pair of earrings

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