Sunday, July 21, 2013

Recycle washi tape and mail art

What do I have today? A small project: a handmade envelope with six elements added for the Mail Art challenge swap. The challenge did not include a handmade envelope, but I thought it would make a nice background. The envelope is made out of a page of a magazine. The challenge is that my mail art must include six of the twelve following elements:

  • a bird in a nest
  • a person with a cat's face (probably have to cut & paste here!)
  • a flower
  • a children's book illustration
  • text from a magazine
  • an image of food or a recipe
  • a mushroom
  • an Asian image (letter characters of person is acceptable)
  • an elephant or a giraffe
  • something pink
  • rubber stamped image
  • something that glitters

My selection: an elephant, a bird in a nest, a person with a cat face, food, a children's book illustration, text from a magazine and a flower. Well, I was swept away with adding the elements and I was too late to notice that I added seven elements. And still it felt like I should add more ... like an Asian image and a rubber stamped image and something pink and something that glitters ... Well, I could go on and on and on, huh?
I hope my swap partner does not mine;-)

Can washi tape be recycled? Yes, it can! Washi tape is repositionable tape. Do you received crafty envelopes or mail art? Or do you receive snail mail from swappers or friends? Well, if the envelope has washi tape on it, you can re-use the washi tape. I do it all the time. It safes me from buying all different kinds of washi tapes. And some swappers have awesome decorated washi tape, which are either expensive or you can't find in stores nearby. So my tutorial or tip of the day: recycle washi tape and use it on your projects:-))

Don't know how to store these washi tapes? Just take a pen you regularly use and wrap the washi tape around your pen or pencil or anything that suits you. Now you have the washi tape nearby. Since washi tape is repositionable, it won't leave any residue on any material. So after you've used the last piece, you don't have to clean you pen.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

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