Thursday, June 6, 2013

Raindrops are like fairy whispers

That is my journaling on this art journal page I coloured today. I did the drawing last weekend. I hope this Flower Fairy shares her fairy dust with all the people who needs it. To make her more lifely I added dots to her wings and stripes to her socks. I love her golden wings. Maybe you can't see it on the picture, but she has golden wings. Not much to tell today... we did have a very, very sunny day today. This year Spring acts very strange; so I enjoy days like today. With a lot of sun and warmth^_^ I hope you all enjoy your day.


  1. That's so cute :D my other comment didn't save because my internet connection when Sorry :D I love fairys
    AlphaSimson Swap-bot

  2. she is beautiful! Amazing job! I'm following :)
    Magena- Swap-bot

  3. @ Magena Clemente: Thank you for your nice comments. She is a free drawing by hand:-) I love the page a lot^-^

    @Lauren Simpson: No prob, Lauren. We know google and internet can make us go ... hmmmm. Thank you for visiting and I am so glad you made me jump to 40 followers! YAYYYYYY!!

  4. Honestly speaking have never had a journal and in fact joined a swap for may jouranl but had no idea how to go about it. Reading it from the research seems awesome activity and want to learn more. I joined pen palling later last year and each day it's like a learning lesson.

    That in mind would you like to swap with me?


    Helwa is smilling from Swap bot in #Africa #Kenya


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