Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is He there?

In the past weeks I was too busy. Snowy weather gave me the opportunity to stay at home. The spare time I had I used to play in my art journals. I did some art journal pages and drawings. Quite a few drawings; some of them so need some colour. The pictures I took are poor, but I'll post them. Other pictures will follow soon:-)

The following pages are based on prompts. The first prompt: Where did you lived as a child: which town, country, suburb, etc.? I grew up in Surinam, a country in South America. Last year, in November, I went for a second vacation in 2012. Love the weather, there!

Prompt 2: What are your views on religion?

This last art journal page had to have a mouse and a house on the page. I wondered if a mouse could be men's best friend? I wonder ...

All the page are created on 5x7 inch pages, using cardboard of food packages.

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