Monday, November 26, 2012

Those days ...

There are those days ... those days .... well, I think some days could be a lot better! Creating these pages made my thinking wandered to nicer subjects ... making my day better:-))
A short post to show off two journal pages: one illustrating someone you love or someone dear to you since it is the season of gratitude. Any media that resonates and in any style (traditional, abstract or symbolic).

Well, in fact the page is orientated horizontally. So when bind in a book the page will be as:

The second page is about stripes. The prompt says: It has stripes. Etc.... that brought me to the idea to maker her wear strips☺

Media: card board, acrylic paints, acrylic paint dabbers, gesso, magazine, prisma colour pencils, chipboard letters and stars, white gelpen, Copic multiliner, wooden hearts, gem.
~~~~~~~~~ DONE ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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