Sunday, October 21, 2012

Choices ...

There is so much going on and I which I was a star in making choices. Well .... I am a star in making choices! I make too much of them , hehehehe.... I am so looking forward to my trip. Will miss my blog for two weeks. Four projects are waiting to be done: four art journal pages for swap-bot and milliande. They will be done. Yesterday I started the pages already.
Yesterday I also wrote eight postcards for postcrossers and they are ready to travel by snail mail. The traffic of snail mail can be very slow ... I am waiting on some journal pages. I hope they will appear one day☺

There so much to be done and I felt so week. I was really sick, but I had to get up and get things done:-( Projects, schoolwork, homework, get ready to travel, etc. etc. I was getting somewhere, because I started the journal pages and I nearly finished my school projects. Yayyyy ... I am amazed at how calm I took it. A good thing I would say, but then I got the feeling something is wrong, because I didn't not worry that much. Deep in a corner of my brain I knew I will get things done in time, so why worry, huh??? And to worry is not a positive thing .... well ... I worried about a birthday postcard I thought I had to make yet for the birthday postcard group @ milliande. I spent a couple of days worrying and creating. Then I went to my blog and noticed that the postcard was already sent to the receiver (and received) ...... So to worry is not so good for me. Yes, a good thing happened this time, since I created a second birthday postcard. well I'll take it with me and give it to my sister in Surinam. That's one good thing I'm left with and the great feelings I had while making the postcard. Here it is:

So these days were days on which I created a couple of birthday cards. I have to give these birthday cards to family members and I love my family dearly:-))

For Jonathan: a masculine postcard, created with a digital baseball image from Kennykdownloads. The image is coloured with Copic markers and stamped on "Make' it' colour" blending cardstock (love this cardstock!) and the patterned paper is from a My Mind' s Eye. collection.

A second card for my sister Ria. It is a small card to add to a gift. A small birthday card. Tori Famous is another kennykdownloads digital image. I cut the swirls with the help of my CricutExpression (forgot which cartridge).


  1. Worry is indeed not good.
    Nice card! I wish I can make something as nice for my friends and family :)

  2. Of course you can! Just try and keep on going. It is such a joy to create. Thank you for your nice comment. Feel free to visit my blog anytime☺


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