Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quite a few pages

Swaps, swaps, swaps .... I had to do some art journal pages mainly for swaps. For one partner I had to create six art journal pages, since she had missed three swaps I hosted. So I offered her to swap pages with her.
Prompt: Describe in one word how you entered/started this year 2012. Express this word on your art journal page.

Prompt: Something I did in 2011 that I certainly will do/have to do again in 2012.

Second set of art journal pages.
Prompt: Journal about peace. Express this word on your art journal page.

On this page is about a favourite scene of a favourite fairy tale. I like Cinderella at the moment she runs and looses her shoe. The pumpkin is not just an ordinary pumpkin as you know:-)

The last set of this swap; on the first page I express what home means to me. Not only a place where you feel safe, but where you are safe, where you smile and where you are not harmed; the place where you are happy. On this page I did some journaling. I prefer journaling on a art journal page, but I submit that it doesn't always feel comfortable to do so knowing I will not keep the page. Or I would journal on the page as I did on the next and paint over it to cover the whole journal part.

The last page expresses what animal I would like to be or my expression of my totem animal. I admire the strength of the bison, buffalo. They protect their life and I just love their fierce body. My comparison to the bison is that I endeavor a lot of happenings crossing my path, but I gather the strength from somewhere to keep going on; solving problems, smiling back to life to go on☺

Two art journal pages for the montlhy swap @ milliande. I don't really have a favourite quote; I read quotes, like them, but rarely know them by heart. So once again I used a quote of Yogi Tea on this art journal page.

This page is about promises (broken or kept). I do not like to promise a lot, but I think one can not live without promising someone something. Even if it is a small promise as I'll call you later, I'll check it our for you. And these small promises can easily be forgotten. It occurs that I am late with these small promises and I also believe that I have forgotten a promise, but I hope that I never did any one harm for not keeping such a promise. The birds on the branch symbolize the kept promises; the bird in cage symbolizes the broken promise. But hey, life is still a journey isn't it? So a broken or kept promise, make the best of life♥

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