Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chunky pages

Another craft project I did for the first time: make chunky pages. I joined a swap on atcsforall. So we have to make chunky pages and there are themes for these pages. I joined two swaps: "Bright and colorful zetti chunky pages" and "Owl chunky page swap". These are small pages of 4x4 inches and some kind of embellishment, the chunky, can be added in the right corner above or anywhere at the bottom of the page. These pages will be bounded to a book, so a half inch margin from the left must be left free. I will join some swaps to collect some pages and bundle them in a chunky book. These pages are a real challenge, what I love and it is a lot of fun to make them.

Theme: Bright and colorful zetti chunky pages swap

Theme: Owl chunk page swap

My first chunky pages ever made. I like them so much, that I decided to keep them.
So these pages are my own contribution to my chunky book.

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