Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, I have a blog

Time runs by and I did think about my blog. Missing it and again postponed. Making time and wishing to have more time. Reading my own blog and want to write. So much went on here and I did what I have to do. No school, but vacation and now having some large projects. I will load up some pics! This project is about upholster old chairs. Nope, I have never done this before, but that is the challenge:) We have collected four chairs now, a table and one medium and a small cabinet. All old stuff, looking antique, but is not. We like the look of these old furniture. It is a big project so when started I'll have to keep it up. But I will take my time doing it, no hurry.

The medium cabinet is done with sandpaper and painted with primer. Saturday I will sand it again with fine sandpaper. And if we agreed to the color of paint, we will be able to paint the cabinet on Sunday. That would be nice, wouldn't it!!

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